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How To Participate
2018 Dar Tal-Providenza Fine Arts Auction
20th December 2018

Participating in this year’s Dar Tal-Providenza Auction cannot be simpler:

  1. Register your bid by Proxy
  2. Register your bid to participate by phone
  3. Register on the day and attend the Live Auction
  4. Pay for the items you won
  5. Collect the items won

Please read the Terms and Conditions.

Register your bid by Proxy

For those interested to bid that cannot attend on the day, and have a fixed or maximum bid they want to make on any item or items on the auction, they can use the Absentee Bidding Form on this website, clearly indicating any items they want to bid on. This is bidding by proxy. All that is needed is for the prospective bidders to fill in the form and send it by email to or phone on +356 79358754. The bidders can state the highest bid, in the column MAX BID, they want to submit on specific items, and on the day, these bids will be used during the auction by Mr Pierre Grech Pillow from Obelisk Auctions, who will be the Auctioneer on behalf of Dar Tal-Providenza. You will be informed by phone if your bid was successful only, and you can come to collect your item from Dar Tal-Providenza between the 24th and the 28th of December from 08:30 to 16:00. No sales will be done on the 25th December.

Register your bid to participate by phone

Persons who cannot attend on the day but want to participate in the live auction can phone up till Thursday 20th till midday to register. Bidders can either fill in the Absentee Bidding Form  or phone on +356 7935 8754 to register their interest on specific items. For those sending the form via email, they need to tick PHONE BID, or, clearly specify when phoning, on which items they are interested. During the auction, a team of volunteers will act as agents and will call these prospective bidders, a few minutes before their interested item comes up for sale, in order to allow them to bid live by phone.

To these bidders, it is suggested to keep their mobile phone or indicated contact number free, so when our agents call, they can participate without any delayPlease note that any such bidders participating in this way, time is of the essence, and they need to indicate quickly to our agents if they want to continue bidding at the price indicated by the auctioneer at any point in time during the phone call, or if they want to stop.

Please remember that such intervention will be live and the auctioneer cannot stop to wait for callers for too long to decide if they want to proceed or not, as they will be engaged into this process as if they are present in the Foyer of the House of Representatives. If they cannot be contacted on the phone number given on the day of the Auction, it will presumed that they are not any more interested in participating.

Register on the day and attend the Live Auction

The other way in which one can participate, is to be actually present during the auction and take part. Prospective live bidders need to be there before the beginning of the auction to be able to register. Without said registration, one cannot take part in the auction. Once registered, the prospective bidder will be given a bidding number.

When and if interested to bid during  the auction, all one has to do is to raise their number and grab the attention of Mr Grech Pillow. Every single time this number is raised, it would mean that they want to bid at the proposed value that is being given at that point in time by the Auctioneer. If the bidders do not want to continue bidding, all they have to do is either negatively nod their head to the Auctioneer, or simply not raise their number if the bids continue beyond the price they wanted to bid.

The auction starts at 19:00, so bidders have to come beforehand to register and attend the reception. The identification card will be required for registration.

Pay for the items you won

At the end of the auction, successful bidders are to proceed immediately to the payment counter, where payment will be made for the item/s won. Only then such bidders will be able to collect their artwork. All those registered have to return the bidding number at the end of the auction. No art pieces will be allowed to be taken from the Foyer of the House of Representatives if not paid in full.

Collect the items won

Winning bidders present at the auction have to first pay, and can either collect their pieces there and then, or, as all these pieces will be sent the day after to Dar Tal-Providenza, collect such art item from Siggiewi, between the 24th and the 28th of December 2018 during office hours between 08:30 and 16:00. This is especially important for those bidding by phone. No sales will be conducted on the 25th December.

Failure to do so, items won can be sold during the 1st January Art Sale. Dar Tal-Providenza reserves the right to take legal action against anyone bidding but not paying and collecting their items by the 28th.