Item 16 – Razzett Ras il-Pellegrin
Maria Rossella Dalmas


Starting Bidding Price: ?350
Size: 24cm x 32cm



Maria Rossella Dalmas was born at Hamrun in 1948. She is the daughter of the late watercolour artist and photographer Giuseppe Cassar. She qualified as a pharmacist from the University of Malta and works as a community pharmacist. Basically Rossella is a self-taught artist but was influenced by her father mostly as regards composition. Her style is however entirely her own. She developed her velvety pastel like effect in acrylics after many years of experimenting. Acrylic, as a medium, is favoured because it is very fast drying and extremely versatile. She took part in several collective exhibitions both in Malta and abroad. She held a total of four solo exhibitions, of which three at the Museum of Fine Arts, Valletta in 1993, 1994, 2003, 2005.She had two winning entries in the Mid Med Bank (now HSBC) competition held in May 1996. She also won first prize in the Kreativa Competition organised by the Institute of Visual Arts and an honourable mention in the First National Art Competiton 2002 of the Society of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce. Her subjects are commonplace but the interpretation is not. Rossella feels that it is always best to paint what one is familiar with. The transformation renders the commonplace poetic (and life bearable) and recently in 2018 with her father and Albert J Caruana and his daughter Dorianne Alden.