Item 23 – Twin cactus
Anna Galea


Starting Bidding Price: ?350
Size: 24cm x 32cm



Anna Galea (b.1958) is an established artist best known for her abnormally large floral watercolours and still lifes. A Master?s graduate in Creativity and Innovation from the Edward de Bono Institute of Thinking, University of Malta and she has exhibited her art extensively across the main capital cities of Europe including Paris, Rome and Brussels, as well as in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Australia, Bogota, Mauritius, Washington and New York. Her watercolour work has been honored as masterful both in the United States and in Italy where in 2016 she was a featured master watercolour demonstrator at the International Watercolour Convention in Fabriano, Italy, and again in Dubai in 2018. Anna’s paintings have featured in books of the highly acclaimed ‘International Artist’ publishers of USA, on telecards, calendars, book covers and other publications. Her works can be found in various private collections of art connoisseurs, in palaces and museums, banks and offices.?Often shown with dramatic lighting that allows the artist to make the most of the semitransparent plant structures, Galea?s subjects pulse with life, celebrating the harmony of light and colour? ? Agora Gallery, New York, 2017. She has more recently taken to painting large canvases in oils and other mediums in addition to her expressions in large watercolours. Tutored by Esprit Barthet, Sarah Warren, Harry Alden and Anton Calleja. BA in History of Art and Archeology (2009) from the University of Malta.