Item 24 – The Jump
Maria Cassar


Starting Bidding Price: ?350
Size: 24cm x 32cm



Maria Cassar started attending art lessons under Ray Pitr?. Subsequently, for over ten years, Ms Cassar participated in art sessions at the studio of Harry Alden. This led her to explore new styles and seek different solutions on how to express her feelings in a more creative manner. Maria Cassar?s pictures attest a longing for perfect beauty, for peace and harmony, for a paradise on earth. There is great poetical vitality in her work. Children feature prominently in nearly all the works. They appear playing, many times on the shoreline. The young creatures possess anecdotal charm and adopt natural tender poses as light strikes their bodies in a rainbow of colours.Ms Cassar took part in various collective exhibitions. In 2010 she showed her works in a solo exhibition entitled ?Images from Life? at art..e gallery, Victoria, Gozo. This was followed by other exhibitions in 2013 and 2015 at the same gallery. Her paintings are to be found in various local private collections and abroad.