Item 60 – Nude
Patrick Dalli


Starting Bidding Price: ?350
Size: 24cm x 32cm



Born in Malta in 1955. From his teenage years to 1995 works primarily through self training, interested mainly in landscape, still-life, and portraiture. In 1995, Patrick starts formal training under the tutorship of Anton Calleja (b.1955-) exercising mainly in the study of the human figure. It is in these very 66 active years that Dalli concentrates his practice on the nude. In the following years, together with other fellow artists, Dalli practices intensely in life-sessions. He particpates in collective exhibitions in Malta and abroad, exhibiting nudes, lanscapes, and still-life paintings. In 2002, he organises his first personal exhibition THE HUMAN FIGURE, at Gallerija Liberta’, Valletta. Between 2002 and 2004 he works on the pictures for the exhibition PATRICK DALLI – NUDES, Gallerija Liberta’, Valletta. All the paintings in this show were worked through life-sessions at the artist’s studio. In 2005 he holds a personal exhibition at Muska Gallery, in 2007 an exhibition of drawings at B’Art Gallery and in 2008 an exhibition, PATRICK DALLI ? NUDES at St. James Cavalier and The Human Figure at the Malta Fine Arts Museum in 2010