Item 64 – Valletta Scene
Joe Ellul Vincenti


Starting Bidding Price: ?350
Size: 24cm x 32cm



Retired architect, chartered electrical engineer and once Enemalta Chairman, Joe?s attraction for clay derives from a life of construction and design. Joe draws on his past expertise in building houses and churches, cupolas and factories, to give shape to his clay. Working with clay is in a way not very different from working on the drawing board. Under the capable tutorship of George Muscat, at the Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology, he quickly mastered the properties of clay and the mystique of glazing. Joe?s work is quite varied. Some of his earlier stuff could be very humorous, with figures concocted out of clay and found material like cogs, rusty metal and bolts. Other work reflects his training in design as an architect, or his experimenting with various techniques, while later work reflects more sculpted material, threedimensional buildings, landscapes and streetscapes.