Item 65 – The Sermon (Fire and Brimstone)
Marisa Attard


Starting Bidding Price: 480
Size: 55cm x 55cm


Biography: “Marisa Attard is an artist and illustrator. She studied art under Esprit Barthet, Harry Alden and Anton Calleja and has taken part in numerous collective and solo exhibitions. As an illustrator she has worked on many children’s books and magazines and was twice awarded the Premju Nazzjonali tal-Ktieb for Best Illustrator of Children’s Books. Marisa paints the people that inhabit her world – both real and imaginary. Her sense of humour comes through in her art. Huge bumbling figures that defy gravity and seem quirky yet endearing are coupled with a richness of texture and bold bright colours that are created through the medium she employs. Her preferred medium is layers of acrylic paint on a textured gesso base coupled with a collage of various papers, materials and found objects that add a certain tactile quality and depth to her paintings. ”