Item 79 – South Westerly
Ronnie Muscat Azzopardi


Starting Bidding Price: €380
Size: 49cm x 61.5cm
Framed: Yes



Ronnie Muscat Azzopardi is a retired architect and has long been keen on art and painting. His experience of art wss seeing his fathr paint serene rural landscapes on oil. At school at the Lyceum his art tutor was Espirit Barthet. In later years he studied art under various artisits notably Madeline Gera, Debbie Caruana Dingli, Tonio Mallia , Andrew Borg and John Martin Borg. His favourite medium is oils and he favours the Impressionist style. Born close to the sea, his love for it is reflected in his seascapes and strong brush strokes in rendering rough seas. He enjoys plein air painting. He has taken part in three joint exhibitions and has also traveled abroad on group painting classes.