Item 83 – Vittoriosa City View Expressions
Carmel Bonello


Starting Bidding Price: €400
Size: 45cm x 59cm



Carmel Bonello was born in Siggiewi, Malta in 1960. He is an ardent expressionist of great strength and bold impact. His dynamic energy, which is constantly seeking new vents, could be the basis of his individuality, his personal art and style. Carmel Bonello believes in mood, his spontaneity captures the fleeting moment and galvanizes each instance into permanent and concrete form. It is incredible how a few strokes of his brush evoke a mood, an atmosphere.  The simplicity and economy in line and composition lend his work clarity and immediacy. With the use of black and chromatic colours the artist projects a tremendous force, full of life, His work is packed with dynamic swirls, action, energy, forceful, strong and bold. Carmel Bonello is a prolific artist using mixed media and experimentation to obtain burst of colours or bold graphic compositions.