Item 89 – Christmas Eve
Frederick Gingell


Starting Bidding Price: €650
Size: 70cm x 50cm
Framed: Yes



Born in 1946, in Valletta, Frederick Gingell, studied art at a young age. It remained dormant for years. It resurfaced fifteen years ago when he returned to the School of Arts in 2000. He furthered his studies for seven years under the direction of Artist Harry Alden. However, he has never lost his youthful idealism and passion in the practice of art. Colour is the dominant and forceful characteristic of his works. Frederick participated in numerous collective exhibitions and produced three solo exhibitions. The Courier magazine had commented “His work is edgy and breathtaking; the use of colour is inspirational”. Frederick is main medium is in oil, however he produced bas-releifs and collage in wood. Most of his works are either at local institutions or private collections. Others can be found in Canada, France, Italy, Russia, United Kingdom, Australia and USA. His works can be viewed at