A Item 9 – On the way to Sannat
Audrey Mercieca


Starting Bidding Price: ?350
Size: 24cm x 32cm



Audrey studied art and art history under the guidance of Dr Joseph Paul Cassar. Later on she attended classes by the artist Charles Cassar, Anton Calleja?s live classes, Philip Agius, Winston Hassall. She studied drawing and sculpture at the Malta School of Art with Mr Joseph Chetcuti and painting at same school with Mr Noel Azzopardi. She placed first in a sculpture course with Ms. Chetcuti. Audrey also attended courses at the Florence Academy of Art for drawing, painting and sculpture with artists Jordan Sokol, Eran Webber, Vitaliy Shtanko , Jura Bedic and Simone Olivia Moritz Audrey Mercieca loves to experiment in different media and various subjects. She admits that her favourite are imaginative. It depends on her mood to pick up a media and start bringing to life on paper what?s in her mind. Audrey admires artists such as Alphonse Mucha for the good design, Salvador Dali for his imagination, Mary Cassatt for the sensuality she depicts in her pastel paintings and Gustav Klimt for his decorative paintings. Audrey is a member of the Malta Society of Arts & Pastel Society of Arts. She took part in various collective exhibitions. She was awarded “_ieh l-G_asri” 2018 in association with the art works she did for G_asri namely Religious Bandalori.