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What Happens After The Auction

Sale of art pieces at Dar Tal-Providenza on 1st January 2019

All the remaining art pieces that have not been sold or collected on the 20th December, will be relocated to Dar Tal-Providenza, in the main hall. With the exception of those items that were paid for and are awaiting collection, or those won by phone bids, all the other art pieces will be available for sale at the initial bidding price. If items are not collected by bidders on phone by the 28th December, these items can also be sold off on the 1st January. However Dar Tal-Providenza can also take legal steps against those who have bid by phone or in person, and do not come to pick up the items. So it is imperative for any successful bidders to be able to pay and collect their artwork as soon as possible, during office hours (08.30 till 16:00). No sales will be conducted on the 25th December. The art sale will mainly be conducted during the 1st of January, but reservations can be taken for sale and collection till the 2nd January between 10:00 till 16:00.


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