A History Of Generosity

Since 1st January of 2012, Id-Dar tal-Providenza has organised a Fine Arts Auction as a fund raising event, and as part of the major fund raising effort being done on every 1st January for Festa ta’ Ġenerożità. Over the years as one can see from the list below, the generosity of the artists as well as that of the buyers, has been so fantastic, that it keeps the volunteers and employees at Id-Dar tal-Providenza, organising this event tirelessly year after year.

Year 1 – 1st January 2012: €18,000
Year 2 – 1st January 2013: €30,000
Year 3 – 1st January 2014: €25,000
Year 4 – 1st January 2015: €27,000
Year 5 – 1st January 2016: €35,000
Year 6 – 1st January 2017: €36,000
Year 7 – 1st January 2018: €36,200
Year 8 – 1st January 2019: €18,000

Each year, the works of art donated by the artists for auction, would be exhibited for a number of days. Our first exhibition was held at Id-Dar tal-Providenza, and then for two years in the Mdina Cathedral Museum. Later on, the exhibition was done for two years at the Wignacourt Museum in Rabat. All these locations allocated space for Id-Dar tal-Providenza during the busy December days, and for that we are eternally grateful.

Then in 2016, the Speaker of the House of Representatives gave Id-Dar tal-Providenza, the honour and privilege, to use the Foyer to exhibit there the art works that would eventually be sold at Auction. This is in fact the third year that such exhibition is being done in the Foyer of the House of Representatives, given the continued support by the Speaker of the House, The Hon. Dr. Anglu Farrugia, M.P.

However ever year, after the exhibition concluded, the volunteers and Id-Dar tal-Providenza team, would relocate the exhibition back to Siġġiewi so that the auction could take place on the 1st January. Said auction usually utilised all channels to allow bidding; online, by phone and in person. Belgravia Auctions, since 2022, have volunteered in this activity with their professional support, guidance, and by being auctioneers on the 1st January. Such support was crucial to ensure that this event was always professionally run.

During the past auctions, in 2014, we introduced also the use of an online bidding system. Thus bidders could phone, come in person on the 1st of January or even use the website to bid for the art pieces. This was done due to the fact that New Year’s Day is always a busy time for everyone, spending time with their families, and not everyone could come and visit us at Siġġiewi. However, the auction has evolved to hopefully its final format, where the entire auction will be held live, an aspiration that we had since its very inception.

Id-Dar tal-Providenza would like to take the opportunity to thank the Speaker of the House of Representatives, for granting permission for the auction to be held in the Foyer of the House of Representatives.

We hope that our generous benefactors, both the artists and the bidders, will support us during this initiative and we invite everyone to attend this live event, without whom, such annual activity cannot be the success it has been in the past seven years, gathering funds for the much needed work that Id-Dar tal-Providenza does to continuously improve the quality of life of its residents.