How To Participate
2024 Dar Tal-Providenza Fine Arts Auction

Key Important Steps

Step 1: So please click here to download the entire catalogue in PDF format.

Step 2: Please click here to register with Belgravia, to be able to take part in our auction.

Step 3: Click here to go directly to the DTP Fine Arts Auction.

Step 4: Check the bidding closing time schedule for the individual items.

Step 5: Read the Online Bidding Process below.

Please read the Terms and Conditions.

Online Bidding Process

  1. Once you have successfully registered for Online Bidding, you will be eligible to bid online.
  2. As in other online auctions, there are two methods of bidding for your prefered lot/s:

BID NOW: Place an amount which you wish to bid. If you are the highest bidder you will be informed on the bidding page that yours is the highest current bid. Note: Other bids may immediately be placed by the system acting on AUTO BID (see below).

AUTO BID: Place your maximum bid in this cell and the System will increase bids to keep you as the highest bidder when other bids are placed. This amount is confidential and cannot be seen by other bidders. When your highest bid is exceeded, you will be notified by email that you are no longer the highest bidder on the specific lot.

  1. During an Auction, you can bid for a lot by clicking the BID NOW button. Each bid shall is binding as soon as you click the BID NOW button.
  2. The Current Bid will be displayed on your screen during the auction. Bids will require increments of €5 minimum under €350, and then €10 minimum increments thereon.
  3. When you bid on the Belgravia website for the DTP Fine Arts Auction, you acknowledge that you are bidding in an online auction and you agree that each bid submitted, as provided in the terms and conditions on the Belgravia website, is irrevocable and cannot be amended or corrected, even if submitted in error and notified to Belgravia. You accept full liability for all bids submitted via your Online Bidding account (including the liability to pay in full and on time in accordance with the Bid Conditions listed on the Belgravia website, for any lot or lots that are the subject of a successful bid submitted from your account).
  4. Please note that Belgravia Auctions reserves the right to reject a registration to bid online, withdraw its permission for the use of Online Bidding, or terminate an Online Bidding account, for any reason at any time prior to, during or after a DTP Fine Arts Auction.
  5. Please note that the online bidding process is solely managed by Belgravia Online Auctions on behalf of DTP Fine Arts Auctions, and as such Dar Tal-Providenza cannot assist, aid or offer guidance during the bidding process
  6. Also note that due to public requests, the bids will not end at the same time, especially if there are pieces from the same artist. This is to allow you to comfortably bid from one item to another, as we appreciate you cannot make all the bids you want in the last minute. The final bidding closing time schedule can be found below (see Step 4). All bids however will end by 10:30pm on the 1stJanuary.

Collect the items won

Winning bidders once they have paid online, can come on the 2nd of January, Monday – Friday 8am to 3pm to Dar Tal-Providenza, to collect their pieces, from Siggiewi.

Failure to collect the items after 7th January, Dar Tal-Providenza will try and contact the winners so ensure that these pieces are collected. After a week, items will be stored at the owners risk on premises until collection is done.

Dar Tal-Providenza and Belgravia reserves all its rights for anyone bidding but not paying and collecting their items, as per the Terms and Conditions.